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From a young age, we teach our children to aspire to their greatest heights. We teach them to dream big and to reach for the stars, that the only barriers to their success are the ones they create.

Sadly, for too many young children, devastating illnesses hinder their flight into the skies. Dream Adventures knows that experience is the best teacher, and it is our experiences that shape us, change us, and help us grow. The ones that stay with us the longest are our grand adventures, the times when we venture out with the ones we love into an unknown world to do something new and exciting to push ourselves beyond our normal boundaries.

Dream Adventures also knows that many families are faced with the reality that leisure activities and vacations are often sacrificed to be able to cover medical expenses, and sometimes those families and children miss out on the adventures of a lifetime. That’s where we want to help.

Dream Adventures organizes and arranges various all-expense-paid adventure trips, such as fishing and hunting trips for children suffering from serious illness and their families. Families simply have to show up and enjoy themselves to find themselves on a real Dream Adventure. Thank you for your interest in Dream Adventures.

Lee Iver & Len Waguespack


  • This trip as I said before was definitely much needed and one that made its mark in our families’ memory, especially the bonds that were created in such a short weekend.
    — Kristin Olinde
  • My daughter, Hailey Meche, was diagnosed with leukemia at 9 years old. Once diagnosed with cancer (a phrase no parent should ever have to hear or say) she went through 2 1/2 years of chemotherapy treatments. These included needle sticks, IV’s, spinal taps, MRI’s, procedures, isolation, low immune system, broken bones, weeks in the hospital, the list goes on...She finished treatment when she was 12 years old. Watching her go through those years of treatment was very difficult. But with God, St Jude, family, and friends we made it to the other side.
    Dream Adventures enabled us to have a weekend away. Hailey shot not one, but TWO big bucks; her first one an 8 point and the second a 10 point.
    That weekend will forever be a treasures memory and we are so grateful for the opportunity. It was an adventure of a lifetime!
    — Michelle Chaisson
  • Our 12 year old son Wes, was diagnosed with leukemia on Sept. 13, 2013. The worst news ever. We started treatments at St. Jude immediately, and they took their toll on our little boy. He was tired, in pain and sick nearly all the time. He was miserable. We had the privilege and honor of meeting
    Lee Iver through an organization he founded, Dream Adventures. What a blessing! Wes has been blessed by Dream Adventures to be able to spend the weekend with other St. Jude children fishing at Gary Yamamoto’s ranch, in Texas, fishing! What a fun time we had!
    There are lots of gray days for our son because of treatment, but Dream Adventures has provided a ray of sunshine and fun for him! Thank you, Lee, Dream Adventures and your volunteers, for everything you do! You have blessed our family!
    — Sonya Rollo
  • This summer was nothing short of amazing! We spent the weekend fishing [in Palestine, Texas], meeting pro anglers, swopping fishing stories and tricks. We even had the opportunity to celebrate Mr. Gary Yomamoto’s birthday with him. From the wonderful food, to the great stories and bonds that were created that weekend, we were so blessed and honored to have been invited to participate and all the thanks goes to the Dream Adventures crew and the volunteers that made it happen.
    — Unknown
  • We are so thankful for the fishing trip and hunting trip provided by Dream Adventures. From the first contact we had with Dream Adventures, we knew this would be a first-class operation. Months later, Brent still talks about the fishing and hunting trips he was so blessed to receive. For just a little while, we could forget the battles being fought, and just have a once-in-a lifetime experience. We are absolutely astonished by the genuine kindnesses shown to Brent.
    Thank you seems so inadequate, but Brent’s smiles that were captured (and the deer head on the wall) say more than our hearts can express. We had no expenses associated with these trips, and our entire family was blessed – not just Brent.
    I know a lot of hard work has to go in to making these trips so effortless for families, and we will be eternally grateful for the kindness shown to us! Thank you Dream Adventures! We are forever grateful!
    — Anthony, Cathy and Brent Trichel

Ways to Help


There Are Many Ways to Get Involved with Dream Adventures

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Individuals & business to donate in-kind services for children

In-kind property rentals to host children & their families in exciting locations

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